Am. CH JaLa's Up On Broadway


(Midnight's Debonair The Great Gatsby x JaLa's Up In Lights)
Bred & Owned By: JaLa Yorkshire Terriers

Genetic & Health Testing:
PRA (progressive retinal atrophy): Clear by parentage
PLL (primary lens luxation): Clear by parentage
DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy): Clear by parentage
DM (degenerative myelopathy): Clear by parentage
OFA Patellas Grade: 0/0

About Benny

Sweet, sweet Benny!  He's so a snuggler, but usually doesn't show up for a snuggle empty mouthed. He loves to carry the largest toy he can shove in his mouth and bring it to you. He also gives high fives, both paws!  He was such a fun young dog to show. He won his first major, a 5-point major at his first specialty at just 12 months old.  He finished his championship quickly with limited showing. 

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