Multiple Group Placing

Am. GCH CH. JaLa's Riley Me Upadway


(Pellerd-Ore Quaker x Pellerd-Ore Esprit)

Bred & Owned By: JaLa Yorkshire Terriers

Genetic & Health Testing:
PRA (progressive retinal atrophy): Clear
PLL (primary lens luxation): Clear
DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy): Clear
DM (degenerative myelopathy): Clear
OFA Patellas Grade: 0/0 (even @ 10 years old)

About Riley

Riley was that puppy that screamed, "look at me, watch me" and we listened.  He has an exceptional attitude and was an awesome showman even as young puppy.  He started out at 5 months old winning Best of Breed and the Toy Group at an AKC puppy
match during a specialty weekend.  Riley had his first win in the big ring at just 7 months old, going Best of Winners! 

Riley has a gorgeous head, strong level topline, beautiful flowing movement to complement his structure.  He was an exceptional show dog, repeatedly winning his class.  Riley won his first major at 18 months old, and 4 weeks later went
Best of Winners and Best Bred By Exhibitor at the YTCSEM Specialty show for a 4-pt major to complete his AKC Championship.  

Riley hit the ring in 2011 with a BANG!  Going Best of Breed over a top dogs and earning multiple group placements!  He finished his AKC Grand
Championship quickly and completely breeder/owner handled.  Riley finished in the Top 15 for 2011, shown on a very limited basis, breeder/owner/handled.

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