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JaLa Yorkie baby puppy


At JaLa Yorkies we have very high standards when it comes to our Yorkies!  We do not take our responsibility as a breeder lightly.  The health of our dogs and the health of the Yorkshire Terrier breed is
extremely important to us.  All of our Yorkies are health screened by our veterinarians prior to breeding.  Our Yorkies knees/joints are checked, blood panels are performed, genetically screened, hearts checked, eyes examined. We have wonderful relationships with our veterinarians and their place in our breeding program is extremely important!  We appreciate the love and compassion they show our Yorkies every time they see them!


The Temperament of the Yorkshire Terrier is one filled with love, dedication and intelligence.  We are completely in love with their playful, cuddly and loyal little personalities.  These charming little companions  
definitely "had us at hello"!  We strive to raise puppies that are sound, not only in body but also in mind.


This starts well before their birth, in providing our own Yorkies well balanced lives.  All of our Yorkies live in our homes.  Our babies are raised in a home environment with early neurologic stimulation starting at 3 days old.  Throughout their first 12 weeks, and beyond, we work to utilize the principles of Puppy Culture © to give them the absolute best possible start in life.  To make them well balanced companions for years to come. 

JaLa Yorkshire Terrier puppies
JaLa Yorkie girl champion


The Beauty of the Yorkshire Terrier breed is indisputable!  A well proportioned Yorkie with sound movement, elegant silky coat and the sweetness of their face makes them undeniably gorgeous!  While not every Yorkie is destined for the show ring, we do breed with the goal of producing Yorkies that can represent their breed well!

All of our Yorkies are AKC registered and good representations of the breed.  While they do not all compete in the conformation ring, they do have many wonderful "Yorkie" qualities and have produced some of the most beautiful Yorkies.

A lot of care, time, effort and money goes into finding the Yorkies we feel will best represent this beloved breed.  While we do spend many hours comparing and researching pedigrees, only those of excellent health and temperament are even considered for our breeding program.

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