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"Dreams & dedication are a powerful combination."

~ William Longwood

Grand Champion Lina
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We hope that you will travel through these pages not only to learn more about our Yorkie family, but also the Yorkshire Terrier breed.  Located in Northern Indiana, JaLa Yorkies was founded on our love for this spirited, beautiful and captivating little breed. Today it is based on our vision of an elegant and healthy Yorkshire Terrier that reflects the American Kennel Club's breed standard and it's history.  

We are a small show home dedicated to treating our pets like family and working on developing a line of Yorkshire Terriers that are sound in mind, body and spirit.  Our vision starts with a Yorkie that is equally balanced in health, character and conformation to the breed standard.  We do not think that you can sacrifice any of these three important aspects of the breed if we are going to better the breed.

We have a very small, but very selective breeding program.  Every litter is planned with specific goals in mind. We breed primarily to produce amazing Yorkshire Terriers to continue the JaLa name and to represent our hard work in the show ring.  However we do from time to time place pet puppies in carefully selected pet homes.  Visit our Puppy page for more information prior to contacting us about a puppy. 


JaLa Champion Yorkshire Terrier

Our Vision for Excellence


We are working diligently and tirelessly to breed and produce Yorkshire Terriers that will improve the health of the breed.  We perform genetic testing on all of our breeding dogs through PawPrint Genetics or Embark laboratories.  We strive to produce yorkies that will remain healthy for many years to come.  Our adults and puppies undergo routine blood work to screen for health concerns, as well as throughout and regular physical exams, Our passion for this breed, makes their health our top priority.  Our breeding choices are made, always with the health of potential puppies in mind.  All breeders should be DNA testing their dogs for with the tests available for their breed.  Please visit our Yorkie Information page to learn what the yorkie breed is at risk for.

JaLa Champion Yorkie
Champion Felix


The playful and devoted nature of the Yorkshire Terrier is one of the breed's hallmarks. They have a never-ending love and desire to please and to be with their owners.  They do have terrier roots and this can be seen in their "no-fear" approach to life.  We incorporate the principles of Puppy Culture in order to help foster this inner personality and to make them as brave as they can be. 

We strongly believe that it is imperative that during their first 12 weeks they are shaped into strong, confident and smart little puppies ready for all the experiences life will have to offer. 


The Yorkshire Terrier is a beautiful, elegance and charming breed. Their adorable little faces full of wonder and mischief, their small v-shaped ears, their hallmark flowing blue and tan silk coat and compact bodies make them one of a kind.  There is nothing more breathtaking than a Yorkshire Terrier in full coat gliding around the ring with their head held high with an air of importance.  We strive to breed to meet the standard ad preserve the breed's unique nature for years to come. We do this by competing with many of our Yorkies in the AKC show ring and taking them to specialty shows to compete among the best.   JaLa Yorkshire Terriers are always owner handled with nothing but love. 

CH JaLa's You should see me in a crown - Eili

2023 - AKC National Championship
BEST of BREED puppy/junior

CH JaLa's You Should See Me in a Crown
(bred & owned by JaLa Yorkies)

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